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Sherman Hollar's A Closer Look at Bacteria, Algae, and Protozoa (Introduction PDF

By Sherman Hollar

ISBN-10: 161530584X

ISBN-13: 9781615305841

Micro organism, algae, and protozoamicroorganisms which are simply neglected in our day-by-day livescan be present in a wide selection of destinations and serve innumerable ecological reasons. whereas a few such organisms were linked to affliction, they've got additionally been important in agriculture and within the construction of definite meals, medicinal drugs, and different prerequisites. This informative quantity examines the houses and makes use of of those robust and crucial existence types. picture organizers and special photographs convey the miniscule info of those entities to the vanguard.

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Some are free-floating, but most live on shore rocks or in large aggregations on stagnant water, such as in ponds. Several species are terrestrial and are found growing on trees and rocks in moist habitats. The presence of chlorophyll is self-evident in the coloration of green algae. However, the Halimeda discoidea is a green algae. Douglas P. Wilson 58 feAtures And tyPes of AlgAe presence of other pigments may affect the coloring of some species, so that in fact, individual species of green algae range in color from yellowish-green to very dark, almost blackish-green.

But methods for its mass production, purification, and stabilization were developed in the United States. In 1945 Fleming shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine with Florey and Chain. 35 A closer look At BActerIA, AlgAe, And ProtozoA Bacteria in Foods The bacteria that bring about decay are the chief cause of food spoilage. For fresh foods, the decay process may be slowed down by refrigeration or checked by freezing. When frozen food is thawed, however, the bacteria become active again.

A mold formed on the exposed culture. A less gifted scientist would have thrown away the accidentally contaminated culture. Fleming, however, noticed that in the area surrounding the mold, the bacteria had disappeared. 34 the ImPortAnce, dAngers, And uses of BActerIA Penicillium notatum, the source of penicillin. Carlo Bevilacqua— SCALA/Art Resource, New York He kept a strain of the mold alive and began testing it on laboratory animals. In 1929 he published his first medical paper proving that a lowly mold from soil was a powerful microbe killer that did not injure human tissue.

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