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Supplying unheard of scope, A spouse to Hellenistic Literature in 30 newly commissioned essays explores the social and highbrow contexts of literature creation within the Hellenistic interval, and examines the connection among Hellenistic and past literature. presents a breathtaking serious exam of Hellenistic literature, together with the works of well–respected poets along lesser–known old, philosophical, and clinical prose of the interval Explores how the indigenous literatures of Hellenized lands encouraged Greek literature and the way Greek literature prompted Jewish, close to jap, Egyptian, and Roman literary works.

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The contemporary comedies of Plautus, which are both firmly connected to and significantly different from Hellenistic comedy, allow a similar analysis. Historians almost universally let the Hellenistic period end in 31/30 BCE , the years of the Battle of Actium, the fall of Alexandria, and the death of Cleopatra, after which Augustus ruled, effectively with sole power, over much of the area once dominated by Alexander and his successors. It was also shortly after Actium that Dionysius of Halicarnassus arrived in Rome, an event that provides an appropriate book-end to a chapter in literary history whose beginning was marked by the deaths of Aristotle and Demosthenes.

Noticeably absent from the inscription is any explicit reference to his successful career as a dramatist, although it is alluded to by the decision to crown him during the Great Dionysia and to place a bronze statue of him in the theatre (SIG 3 374; Bagnall and Derow 2004: no. 13; Plu. Dem. 12). It is the great power of the Hellenistic monarchs, operating outside civic structures, that gives rise to men like Philippides and Hegesianax, men whose lives and influence cross between the city and the court, the one reinforcing the other.

Features of some pre-Polybian histories can be gleaned from Polybius’ criticism of them, even if, as in the case of Callimachus’ Aetia prologue, we should perhaps be slightly wary Introduction 11 of Polybius’ insistence that the ‘‘dramatic’’ and ‘‘universal’’ histories of his predecessors were much inferior to his own Thucydidean ‘‘pragmatic’’ history. Not only do veridical polemics come with the territory, many of Polybius’ predecessors also worked in a different tradition, which privileged romantic storytelling, exoticism, and wonder.

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