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Kieran Dolin's A Critical Introduction to Law and Literature PDF

By Kieran Dolin

ISBN-10: 0521002028

ISBN-13: 9780521002028

Kieran Dolin introduces the interdisciplinary examine of legislation and literature and charts the heritage of the moving kin among the 2 disciplines, from the open association among literature and legislation within the sixteenth-century lodges of courtroom to the fewer seen hyperlinks of up to date tradition. every one bankruptcy is organised round a recognized trial or literary-legal stumble upon. The large resonance of such trials illuminates the cultural centrality of legislations, and the social responsiveness of literature. This e-book offers an obtainable consultant to at least one of the main intriguing components of interdisciplinary scholarship this day.

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The reasonable man was the standby of legal objectivity, a mythical figure upon whom juries and judges could project their notions of a reasonable action or reaction in any situation. He was the universal legal subject, the personification of rationality and due care and controlled agency who could be wheeled in as the ideal citizen, and against whom any other citizen’s acts might be measured. Until recently, the gender of the reasonable man was not regarded as important; gender was a matter of indifference to a legal system that prided itself on its neutrality, its objectivity.

54 Narrative jurisprudence has attracted theorists from among both legal and literary scholars, but has drawn especially from feminist and critical race studies. The latter movement will be discussed in my final chapter. Among the leading feminist practitioners are Martha Minow, Susan Sage Heinzelman and Robin West. In ‘ ‘‘Going Somewhere’’: Maternal Infanticide and the Ethics of Judgment’, Heinzelman analyses two infanticide cases in contemporary Texas, and a modern Irish poem on the same subject.

Assesses whether the specific requirements for self-defence have been proved by the psychological evidence. Structurally, then, following the narrative element, there is a progressive narrowing of the focus from general doctrine to the particular case. The judgment is therefore dominated by legal reasoning, by citations of relevant statutes and cases. However, when we compare this judgment with that of Lord Goddard in Duffy’s case, we can see a different understanding of law, a different approach to the authoritative word.

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A Critical Introduction to Law and Literature by Kieran Dolin

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