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A Good Man in Africa: A Novel by William Boyd PDF

By William Boyd

ISBN-10: 0307787796

ISBN-13: 9780307787798

Within the small African republic of Kinjanja, British diplomat Morgan Leafy bumbles seriously via his task. His love of ladies, his fondness for drink, and his loathing for the rustic end up bold stumbling blocks on his street to any form of good fortune. but if he turns into an operative in Operation Kingpin and is charged with tracking front runner in Kinjanja's nationwide elections, Morgan senses a chance to accomplish actual specialist reputation and, extra importantly, reassignment.

After he unearths himself being blackmailed, clinically determined with a venereal illness, making an attempt bribery, and confounded with a useless physique, Morgan realizes that little or no goes based on plan.

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1:75-180. Skinner, M. 1993. "Catullus in Performance" Classical Journal 89:61-68. Warden, L. 1980. Fallax opus: Poet and Reader in the Elegies of Propertius. , vol. 14. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Watson, N. 1999. " Studies in the Age of Chaucer 21:59-97. C HAPTEPI3 Wilfred Owen's Adonis J. D. Reed WILLIAM BELL, MY NINTH-GRADE ENGLISH TEACHER, used to begin his po- etry unit with the admonition that "poetry is not about daffodils in the meadow turning their cheeks to be kissed by the wind; poetry is strong stuff," and he would then prove his anti-Wordsworthian point by reciting Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est," with its image of consumptive Tommies cursing their way through sludge.

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A Good Man in Africa: A Novel by William Boyd

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