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By Charles G. Gross

Neuroscientist Charles Gross has been drawn to the historical past of his box seeing that his days as an undergraduate. A gap within the Head is the second one choice of essays within which he illuminates the learn of the mind with interesting episodes from the prior. This volume's stories diversity from the heritage of trepanation (drilling a gap within the cranium) to neurosurgery as painted by way of Hieronymus Bosch to the invention that bats navigate utilizing echolocation.

The emphasis is on blind alleys and mistakes in addition to triumphs and discoveries, with historical practices attached to fresh advancements and controversies. Gross first reaches again into the beginnings of neuroscience, then takes up the interplay of artwork and neuroscience, exploring, between different issues, Rembrandt's "Anatomy Lesson" work, and at last, examines discoveries via scientists whose paintings used to be scorned of their personal time yet confirmed right in later eras.

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Coagulation of the medial geniculate nucleus produced a decrease of auditory evoked potentials in the auditory cortex. Lesion of the remaining thalamic nuclei or the hypothalamic and dorsomedial thalamic structures situated in front of the zona incerta did not alter the evoked potentials to acoustic stimuli (Fig. 29). In rabbits with similar subthalamic–hypothalamic lesions, we found a bilateral increase of the primary evoked potential response to single flashes of light in the visual cortices (experiments done in collaboration with Joaquı´n Fuster).

27) (Reinoso-Sua´rez 1959), see also Fig. 22b and B0 ]; in these animals, there was EEG synchronization in the frontal region even in periods of active behavioral W for 2 months postlesion (Fig. 28). Lesions in more rostral 38 Midbrain Tegmentum, Hypothalamus, and Basal Forebrain Fig. 25 Degenerated midbrain, diencephalic, basal forebrain, basal ganglia, and cortical fibers and terminals after a lesion of the medial part of the subtantia nigra and the ventral tegmental area. (a) Parasagittal section of the cat brain showing the lesion site and the consequently degenerated fibers.

1980). Studies in cerebellectomized cats also indicated dual opposing cerebellar cortex and deep nuclei influences on the SWC (Cunchillos and De Andre´s 1982). In the chronic cerveau isole´, the usual cycles of EEG synchronization–desynchronization together with pupil changes, characteristic of both NREM and W, appear progressively, but REM sleep remains absent (Villablanca 1965, 2004). However, the chronic decerebrate cat, which is the preparation caudal to a transection at midbrain level (Fig.

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