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Download e-book for kindle: A primer of quaternions - illustrated by Arthur S. Hathaway

By Arthur S. Hathaway

ISBN-10: 1933998644

ISBN-13: 9781933998640

Illustrated, together with a number of Examples - Chapters: Definitions And Theorems - heart Of Gravity - Curve Tracing, Tangents - Parallel Projection - Step Projection - Definitions And Theorems Of Rotation - Definitions Of flip And Arc Steps - Quaternions - Powers And Roots - illustration Of Vectors - formulation - Equations Of First measure - Scalar Equations, airplane And directly Line - Nonions - Linear Homogeneous pressure - Finite And Null traces - Derived Moduli, Latent Roots - Latent traces And Planes - Conjugate Nonions - Self-Conjugate Nonions - Etc., and so on.

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The tensor of q in either equation is OB : OA. It is therefore only necessary to show that the arc of q in one equation equals the arc of q in the CHAPTER 3. QUATERNIONS 29 other equation in order to identify the two numbers that are determined by these two equations as one and the same number. Draw the sphere of unit radius and centre O, cutting OA, OB in A , B ; then A B is the arc of q in the second equation. Draw the radius OL perpendicular to the plane OA B on the counter-clockwise side of A B , and draw counter-clockwise round OA , OB as axes the quadrants LM , LN respectively; then these are the arcs of (OA), (OB) respectively, and since LM + M N = LN , therefore M N is the arc of q in the first equation.

The projections of β parallel and perpendicular to α equal α−1 Sαβ and α−1 V αβ. • Cor. 2. The scalar measure of the projection of β upon α is −Sαβ Tα , and the tensor measure of the projection of β perpendicular to α is T V αβ T α . ] • Cor. 3. If θ be the angle between α, β, then cos θ = − TSαβ αβ , sin θ = T V αβ T αβ . ] 60. The volume of a parallelepiped on α, β, γ as edges is −Sαβγ (the volume being positive or negative according as α lies on the counter-clockwise or clockwise side of β, γ).

19, 20, 21. 23. Find OD in the form lOA + mOB + nOC, and find the ratios in which OD cuts the triangle ABC. CHAPTER 4. EQUATIONS OF FIRST DEGREE 48 Nonions 69. The vector equation of first degree is (a) V q1 ρr1 + V q2 ρr2 + · · · = V q. To solve this equation we resolve it along i, j, k, by multiplying it by these vectors and taking the scalars of the products. We thus find three scalar equations of first degree from which ρ may be immediately found as in Art. 68. Hence (a) has in general one, and only one, solution which corresponds to the intersection of three given planes.

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