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Haskell B. Curry's A Theory of Formal Deducibility (Notre Dame Mathematical PDF

By Haskell B. Curry

ISBN-10: 0268002746

ISBN-13: 9780268002749

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Consider consumer electronic devices that communicate over standard Ethernet networks. Configuration can be very problematic, especially with devices that may not have traditional user interfaces (such as a camera). After plugging the camera into the network, an SLP User Agent is used to find a computer for picture storage or a printer to generate printed copies of photos stored on the camera’s internal disk. The camera manufacturer’s post-processing software could also register as a service on a host computer and then permit connection with the camera for picture download and manipulation.

Let's now look at the dialog in detail to understand what's happening. 7; \\ Mon, 15 Oct 2001 22:23:05 This salutation message introduces the SMTP server to the client. This line contains quite a bit of information such as our domain, the SMTP server software and version, and the local date and time. From the protocol design perspective, this is informative and can provide the client with some information to tailor its dialog depending upon the server in question. From another perspective, this information is dangerous because it allows others to see to whom they're speaking and to exploit any known security holes with the server protocol.

In many cases, this kind of reliability is not necessary. Not receiving a response from a server can typically be remedied by reissuing the request. In applications in which audio data is transferred, dropping a packet simply means a slight garbling of the data at the peer. Having to retransmit in TCP mode would mean a break in audio until the stream was resynchronized. Therefore, in situations in which some loss can be tolerated, UDP is a good choice. When totally reliable transfer is needed, TCP is the choice.

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A Theory of Formal Deducibility (Notre Dame Mathematical Lectures, No. 6) by Haskell B. Curry

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