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When calling for a string read, some computers will ignore such a string unless it is in quotes because it 'looks like' a numeric. TA , "BETA" DATA END, END 240 STOP, STOP 250 DATA 260 END RUN CCMPRS * .. .. .. SS THAN ALPHA -BETA IS EQUAL TO 'lETA END IS EOIJAL TO END Advanced BASIC 34 Summary of Sec. 3-2 We have seen that the simple string variable can be used in BASIC programs in many of the same ways that simple numeric variables can. We may use simple string variables in READ, DATA, INPUT, PRINT, and IF-THEN statements.

It should be clear that by the use of strings we can control what is printed in every space of the paper on our terminal. If we convert numeric values to string variables, then we gain some added flexibility for the printing of numeric results since these can be printed imbedded in strings to avoid extra spaces. If you have PRINT USING, this step is not necessary. We shall develop here the beginnings of a routine to convert a numeric to a string. The fundamental idea is simply to pick off the digits one at a time as numbers and use the numbers to store string equivalents in the correct positions of a string variable.

Note that we selected part numbers, so that if we subtract 1000, we get the number of the record on which that part will be found. Often in data processing it is helpful to organize data so that something about the data tells us where to find it. " It could consist of an extra item of data for file management purposes only. Let's write a program that allows us to go into the inventory file and change anything but the part number. We do this with program UPDATE. The part number is requested in line 150, and the part is found in line 200.

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