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Advances in Solid State Physics by Peter Michler, Alper Kiraz, Christoph Becher, Winston V. PDF

By Peter Michler, Alper Kiraz, Christoph Becher, Winston V. Schoenfeld, Pierre M. Petroff (auth.), Prof. Bernhard Kramer (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540420002

ISBN-13: 9783540420002

ISBN-10: 3540449469

ISBN-13: 9783540449461

This quantity comprises many of the invited talks of the 2001 assembly of the forged kingdom Physics part of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft held from March 26 to 30 in Hamburg, Germany. the themes lined mirror the current actions during this energetic area of recent physics and are therefore purported to flashlight the cutting-edge in condensed subject physics in Germany within the yr 2001.

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In this representation, the √ impurity is only coupled to the maximally localized reservoir state d0 = (1/ N ) k ck . The transformed model – while still a nontrivial many–body problem – can now be solved by iterative diagonalization, keeping in each step only the lowest, most relevant levels. This procedure resembles the one employed in calculating atomic spectra and is illustrated in Fig. 3. Additional symmetries like the conservation of the total charge and components of the total spin can be invoked in order to simplify the remaining matrix algebra.

Lett. 77, 184 (2000) 5 20. J. M. Garcia, T. Mankad, P. O. Holtz, P. J. Wellman, P. M. Petroff: Appl. Phys. Lett. 72, 3172 (1998) 5 21. S. Raymond, S. Fafard, P. J. Poole, A. Wojs, P. Hawrylak, S. Charbonneau, D. Leonard, R. Leon, P. M. Petroff, J. L. Merz: Phys. Rev. B 54, 11548 (1996) 5 22. R. Hanbury Brown, R. Q. Twiss: Nature 178, 1447 (1956) 6 23. A. Imamoglu, H. Schmidt, G. Woods, M. Deutsch: Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 1467 (1997) 7 24. E. Dekel, D. V. Regelman, D. Gershoni, E. Ehrenfreund, W. V. Schoenfeld, P.

The sharp emission lines originate from recombination of electron-hole pairs trapped in these QD minima. Optical studies show that the spectra of the confined optical modes are very similar for the two types of photonic dots with sizes > 1µm. In particular, the energy separations between the modes are equal. For the uncoated structures we showed recently that the electromagnetic fields are well localized in the resonators due to the large discontinuity of the refractive index between semiconductor and vacuum [12].

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Advances in Solid State Physics by Peter Michler, Alper Kiraz, Christoph Becher, Winston V. Schoenfeld, Pierre M. Petroff (auth.), Prof. Bernhard Kramer (eds.)

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