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Download PDF by M A McKervey, Chemical Society: Alicyclic chemistry. Vol. 6 : a review of the literature

By M A McKervey, Chemical Society

ISBN-10: 0851866328

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ISBN-13: 9781847555496

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E. Wada, S. Fujisaki, A. Nagashima, S. Murata, and S. Kajigaeshi,Nippon Kagaku Kaishi,1976,477 (Chem. , 1976,85,45730); A. Kumar and D. Devaprabhakara, Synthesis, 1976,461. (a) G. M. Blackburn and C. R. M. S. Chern. , 1976, 79; (b) H. J. J. Loozen, W. M. M. Robben, T. L. Richter, and H. M. Buck, J . Org. , 1976,41, 384: Rec. , 1976,95,248. Three-membered Rings R R C1 F - F - 45 F initially to the olefm (177) which then undergoes rearrangement to the more stable isomer (178). lgQ It appears reasonable to assume the operation of a similar pathway in related substrates that are no more strained.

303; J. A. Berson, C. D. Duncan, G. C. OConnell, and M. S. , p. 2358; M. S. Platz, J. M. McBride, R. D. Little, J. J. Harrison, A. Shaw, S. L. Potter, and J. A. , p. 5725; M. S. Platz and J. A. , p. 6742; R. J. Baseman, D. W. Pratt, M. Chow, and P. , p. 5726. 43 The pyrazoline (133) affords only bicyclo[3,l,0]hex-2-ene on thermolysis, but on photolysis this and hexa-lY3,5-trieneare obtained. In the vapour phase at pressures below 10Torr the E-triene (134) is obtained (8-10%), but at pressures higher than 50 Torr the Z-isomer (1 35) ensues.

J. Ouellette and R. J. Bertsch, J . , 1976,41, 2782. Alicyclic Chemistry 48 undergoes rearrangement to cyclobutyl and allylmethyl radicals. One-electron oxidation and nucleophilic capture of the carbonium ions thus formed account for the observed products. 202 The oxidation of arylcyclopropanone methylhemiacetals by copper(I1) and by oxygen203and silver@ two-electron oxidation of quadricyclaneZo4 have also been reported. -Cyclopropanes and Cyclopropenes. The E,Z-2-cyanoallylic anion (1 88) is produced by ring cleavage of the cyclopropyl anion (1 87).

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Alicyclic chemistry. Vol. 6 : a review of the literature published during 1976 by M A McKervey, Chemical Society

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