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By George Marbach, Bernard Tourte, Melanie Alspaugh

ISBN-10: 3908495105

ISBN-13: 9783908495109

Translated and tailored from the French via Melanie Alspaugh 2002, Speleo initiatives, structure 17 x 25cm, hardbound English, with illustrations, 320 Pages ISBN 3-908495-10-5 Nonfiction caving, rescue and vertical suggestions manual.

The long-awaited English variation of the vintage French guide, a definitive resource for vertical and horizontal caving ideas between cavers around the world, is now translated and up to date from the 3rd French version (2000). whereas it emphasizes vertical caving and rigging practices, it additionally offers new and thorough discussions on many different features of cave exploration together with: apparatus requirements and use, education, nutrition, and psychological healthiness, traveling successfully during the cave, off and on rope, systematic prospection tools, emergency self and small-party rescue.

Whether you cave on or off rope, within the excessive mountains or within the equatorial jungle, as a speleo-tourist or a hardcore explorer, this e-book offers crucial details on how you can optimize your potency and make sure your final defense within the demanding atmosphere of vertical caves.

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