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H. Endo, H. Endo, R. Frey's Anatomical Imaging: Towards a New Morphology PDF

By H. Endo, H. Endo, R. Frey

ISBN-10: 4431769323

ISBN-13: 9784431769323

ISBN-10: 4431769331

ISBN-13: 9784431769330

This e-book offers chosen works of latest evolutionary morphologists and comprises such issues as huge scale reconstructions of the mind and ear of dinosaurs, inference of locomotor conduct from cancellous bone structure in fossil primates, and a comparability of the independently developed manipulating apparatuses within the lesser and immense pandas. perception is equipped into the applying of recent noninvasive applied sciences, together with electronic imaging options and digital 3D reconstruction, to the research of advanced anatomical positive factors and coherences. together with conventional equipment, this enables for the formula of more suitable hypotheses on coordinated functionality and evolution. The construction of digital translucent specimens makes it attainable to gain the age-old dream of the classical anatomists: searching through the surface into the interior association of an organism. On complete reveal this is the dramatic and promising effect that smooth imaging recommendations have on medical development in evolutionary morphology.

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11). The exceptional dorsoventral width and strength of the thyrohyoid muscle is not found in other ruminants. It inserts not only to the thyrohyoideum but also onto the basihyoideum (Fig. 11). In correspondence with the enlarged epiglottis of the male Mongolian gazelle, its hyoepiglottic muscle is also large. It arises from the cerato- and basihyoideum and inserts onto the rostroventral surface of the epiglottis. Corresponding muscles in the female are much smaller and weaker than in the male and not double-bellied.

Scale bar equals 2 cm. Fig. 11. Pneumatic sinuses and cranial endocast within the semitransparent bony braincase of the theropod dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex (AMNH 5117), derived from surface renderings of CT scan data. A, right lateral view. B, caudal view. Scale bar equals 10 cm. Fig. 1. Diagrams showing our definition fi of the autonomic cardiac nervous system. (A) Each cardiac nerve/branch is named according to its origin. The sympathetic cardiac nerves and the parasympathetic vagal cardiac branches are colored in orange and green, respectively.

7. Cranial endocast, endosseous labyrinth, and some endocranial vascular structures of a great horned owl, Bubo virginianus (OUVC 10220), derived from surface renderings of CT scan data. A, left lateral view. B, dorsal view. C, caudal view. D, rostral view. E, ventral view. F, left rostroventrolateral view. Color scheme: cranial endocast, blue; endosseous labyrinth, pink; nerve canals (most of which also transmit veins), yellow; smaller venous canals, dark blue; arterial canals, red; columella, pale yellow.

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