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Ancient Computing Technology: From Abacuses to Water Clocks by Michael Woods PDF

By Michael Woods

ISBN-10: 0761365281

ISBN-13: 9780761365280

ISBN-10: 0761372717

ISBN-13: 9780761372714

Were you aware . . .Ancient cultures measured time properly with water clocks? An engineer within the first century B.C. designed an odometer to calculate distance traveled? humans computed the 1st values of pi approximately 4 thousand years in the past? Computing expertise is as previous as human society itself. the 1st people on the earth used simple computing talents. They counted by way of carving tally marks in bone. They used physique components and uncomplicated instruments to degree. Over the centuries, historical peoples realized extra approximately computing. humans within the historical heart East used scales to degree items for buying and selling. the traditional Egyptians wrote textbooks together with multiplication and department difficulties. the traditional chinese language constructed an abacus for fast calculations. historic Greeks made advances in geometry. What different types of instruments and methods did historical mathematicians use? Which in their innovations and discoveries have stood the try out of time? and the way did the ancients set the level for our personal smooth computing? examine extra in historic Computing know-how.

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Ancient surveyors lined up the groma’s arms and cords with the walls and ceilings of buildings. Gromas helped builders make sure that the walls formed perfect right angles with one another. The Nilometer The Nile’s yearly flooding was important to Egyptian farmers. Too little flooding meant less water for crops and a bad harvest. Too much flooding could damage farms and cities. , the Egyptians created a device for computing the Nile’s flood. Archaeologists call it the Nilometer. Nilometers were stone pillars or steps along the riverbanks, marked with measurements.

Together the altars represented the universe. The numbers of stones or bricks used to build them were related to the length of the lunar and solar years. Through the Vedas and the rules for altar construction, historians have realized how much ancient Indians knew about astronomy. In fact, other measurements within Indian temples represented the distances of the Sun and the Moon from Earth. ” Six functions, or ratios, are at the heart of this branch of mathematics. They are used to determine the sizes of the sides and angles of triangles.

They helped keep the calendar, and they predicted the movements of celestial bodies. Mathematicians also made business calculations, computing prices of goods and land, for instance. Mathematicians were shown in Mayan picture writing by a special symbol that included a scroll with numbers. The first mathematician identified in Mayan picture writing was a woman. We don’t know her name or anything about her. But she must have been very important. THE ANCIENT AMERICAS 53 and harvesting crops. The Maya also celebrated many religious holidays, which had to be observed on the same days each year.

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Ancient Computing Technology: From Abacuses to Water Clocks (Technology in Ancient Cultures) by Michael Woods

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